We've polled over 30,000 real estate agents and we asked...
"What problems are you facing in your business today?"


I can get leads... But I can't close them.
I'm paying for leads each month, but they're not converting into business.


I'm using social media BUT it's not generating business.
I know I should be using videos + ads but..
I don't know where to start.


I keep losing business to other agents. It's impossible to stand out.

I’m tired of begging my sphere for business.


I'm always working. I can't take time off from my business. I have a good month, then nothing… My income is unreliable, and that's scary.

And Thus, We Created The:
How YOU Earn $10,000+ Worth of FREE Coaching/Resources



We have the Scripts, Tools, and Techniques 
for you to STAND OUT with Video TODAY!

Discover how to use Digital Marketing, Video and Social Media to be the Go-To-Expert Authority in Real Estate. 
Discover how to become unforgettable within your community and become the market leader you know you can be!

Learn how to attract like-minded agents 
to your team or brokerage!


Our Organization has 16 Daily Accountability Calls to keep your mind right & in a healthy headspace
LIVE Coaching & Mastermind Calls EVERY WEEK with 
Krista Mashore (one of the TOP 1% Agents in the country)!

Enjoy our Private, GLOBAL Community of 470+ Agents for you to collaborate, share new ideas, and  WIN within your business! 


Your All-In-One System

  • CRM
  • ​Website
  • ​Transaction Management
  • ​Funnel Builder (FREE Home Value Funnel Included)
  • ​Lead Pages
  • ​Pre-Loaded Workflows & Campaigns
  • ​WEEKLY Office Hours
  • ​FREE 1-on-1 Support

Don't Take Our Word For It...
Hear What Our PARTNERS Have To Say:

Former Broker/Owners:

Katrina Carter - Oakland, CA

Betsy Nava-Flores - San Antonio, TX

Mike Brown - Carlsbad, CA

Joie Adamson - Visalia, CA

Currently Running Sales Teams:

LVSweetHomes - Las Vegas NV

Realm Residential - Orange County, CA

The Latimore Group- Columbia, SC

The Finley Group - San Diego, CA

Team Sells - Denver CO

The Latitude Group - Salt Lake CIty, UT

Our Experienced Agent Partners:

Roosevelt Joshua - Houston, TX

Sumin Acquavella - Tinton Falls, NJ

Mike Zahn - Peoria, AZ

Debbie Pellum - Fresno, CA

Rachael Hadidsaz - Murfreesboro, TN

Will Spencer Jr. - Kokomo, IN 

Amber Bafalie - San Diego, CA

Duane Newberry - Brentwood, CA

Jess Hulse - Ogden, UT

KoKo Kenny - New Brunswick, CA

Camille Haynes - Union, NJ

Donna Zonna - Wallingford, CT

But that's not all....

KV Core Platform - Website/CRM

Key Features Include:

  • A smart CRM
  • ​Lead management with an integrated lead engine
  • ​Lead marketing autopilot
  • ​Transaction automation
  • ​Listing management
  • ​Business analytics
  • ​So much more...

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Stock: Let your commissions help you purchase stock at a discount to build a better financial future
  • ​Revenue Sharing: Generate passive revenue from other agents that partner with YOU at our Organization!
  • ​Sell Houses: That's what you're in business to do, right? 
  • ​Leverage: Stock = Leveraging Money to Generate Money 
  • Leverage: Revenue Share = Leveraging People to Generate Money
  • ​Leverage: The Future is in Multiple Revenue Streams!!

80+ Hours of LIVE Training

Learn from Industry Experts and Top Producers:

  • Sales and Listings
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Social Media
  • ​CRM & Technology Tools / Systems
  • ​Tap into an archive of recorded sessions 

1 Nationwide Company

  • We are 1 Nationwide Organization
  • ​Conduct business in as many states as you want as long as you hold an active real estate license
  • All your transactions will go towards 1 Cap allowing you to reach 100% commission FASTER
  • ​You'll just need to belong to a Local Association of REALTORS®

Support, Support, Support

You cannot do this alone!

  • ​Quick, on-demand support services
  • Live support from your state brokers, agent services, technology and finance experts
  • ​Transaction specialists available wherever an agent or team is located
  • Support teams available online and available weekdays from 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT / 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET

Agent Healthcare 

Does your company offer affordable healthcare?

  • We provide U.S. agents with innovative and low-cost healthcare choices
  • ​Insurance and medical cost sharing
  • ​Telemedicine services
  • ​Supplemental insurance
  • ​Save money & decrease your out-of-pocket costs!
Someone taught you traditional ways of getting leads: cold calls, open houses, door knocking, calling expireds... They worked for decades, so they’ll work for you, right?
That’s not how an expert masters lead generation. 
That’s not how an expert becomes the market leader. 
Do you want to chase leads, or do you want leads to find you?
Consumers are more sharp and savvy than a decade ago. They want more: they want THE expert. Leave old-fashioned ways of getting leads for old-fashioned weekend real estate hobbyists. 
If you mean business, blaze the trail. 
Learn what makes a difference. Learn what places you in front, as the market expert. Master lead generation.

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